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About our stock
Company name (Chinese): 常柴股份有限公司
Company name (English): CHANGCHAI COMPANY, LIMITED
Company name (English) for short: CHANGCHAI CO., LTD
Total capital stock: 561374326 shares (411374326 A shares and 150000000 B shares)
Listing place: Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Stock name: Suchangchai A stock code: 000570 Listing date: July 1, 1994
Suchangchai B stock code: 200570 Listing date: September 13, 1996
Newspapers authorized for information disclosure: Securities TimesTa Kung Pao
Annual report writing place: secretariat of the board
Website approved by the stock supervisory committee for publishing the annual report


Real-time  stock code [000570]  stock code [200570]  
Contact us

Secretary of the Board of Directors:
Mr. He Jianjiang

Securities Affairs Representative:
Mr. He Jianjiang

Contact Address:
No. 123, Huaide Middle Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

Tel: (86) 519-68683155,(86) 519-86610041

Fax: (86) 519-86630954

E-mail: ccsjc@changchai.com,



Details link:http://stock.jrj.com.cn/cominfo/sshq_000570.htm

Company bulletin、periodic report Query link: http://disclosure.szse.cn/m/drgg000570.htm