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Our History

Changchai Co., Ltd grows out of Houshen Machine-building Factory, the very first mechanical plant founded in Changzhou in 1913 and one of the forerunners of internal-combustion engine manufacturing in China. In 1929, diesel engines of 8 hp and 27 hp built by Houshen respectively won gold medals at the West Lake Fair.
In 1955, Houshen was renamed as Local and State co-owned Changzhou Machine-building factory, merging with a dozen of other rivals such as Wancheng, Qiujing and Mingda. After the merger, it manufactured a range of products that included 6105 model air-cooled 60 hp diesel engine, 4120 model air-cooled 60 hp diesel engine, internal-combustion engines of 15 different specifications, trucks with a carrying capacity of 4 tons, road rollers of 8 to 10 tons and buses.

  XiJiuru, the founder of Houshen Machine-building Factory
  What Houshen looked like when set up in 1913
  16 hp diesel engine (produced before the founding of the state)
   Gold medal won at the West Lake Fair in 1929
  Local and State co-owned Changzhou Machine-building factory
  The factory gate in late 1950s
  195B model diesel engine produced in 1964
  The factory gate in 1970s
  The factory gate in 1980s
  The founding of Changchai Co., Ltd
  The celebration of the 1,000,000th diesel engine coming off the production line in 1995
  The gate of Changchai Co., Ltd in 1990s
  The celebration of the 10,000th multi-cylinder diesel engine coming off the production line in 1996
  The celebration of the 10,000,000th diesel engine coming off the production line in 1999
  Changchai Mansion
  The celebration meeting for 90th anniversary in 2003
  The celebration for multi-cylinder diesel engine base going into production
  Changchai is a winner of ”°A Century”Æs Achievement Award”± for its internal-combustion engine
  New appearance of Changchai
  Blueprint of Changchai Industrial Park

In 1964, Changzhou Machine-building factory was renamed as Changzhou Diesel Engine Factory.
In 1967, on the basis of national support, the first domestic S195 diesel engine was designed and manufactured by Changzhou Diesel Engine Factory.
In 1987, Changzhou Diesel Engine Factory was among the first batch of Chinese enterprises to implement quality management. S195 diesel engine, its leading product, won national gold medal award for quality in 1980, 1982, and 1988.
In 1984 and 1990, Jiangsu Provincial Committee and the Government called on whole province to learn from Changzhou Diesel Engine Factory.
In 1989, Changzhou Diesel Engine Factory was ranked among the country’s first- grade enterprises.
In 1990, Changzhou Diesel Engine Factory was one of the enterprises that won the title of “National Top-Class Enterprise of Safety”.
In May 6th 1994, Changchai Co., Ltd was set up. In the same year, Changchai issued A shares at Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In September 13th 1996, it issued B shared at Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
In 1995, “Changchai” was recognized as one of the “”well-known trademark of China”. In the same year, Changchai Group Co., Ltd was set up, ranking the top ten provincial enterprises in Jiangsu.
In 1996, Changchai built the very first national technical center for agricultural machinery and single-cylinder diesel engines.
In 1999, the first post-doctoral research center in the internal-combustion engine industry was set up in Changchai.
In 2001, the very first joint venture company of Changchai, Fuji Changchai Robin Gasoline Engine Company was set up.

Entering into the new millennium later, changchai has realized the second development, after years of efforts,  changchai products’ structure has the constant optimization and upgrading; the market shares of single cylinder, multi-cylinder machine in the field of agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, automobile and other fields are steadily growing up; the single cylinder diesel engine market share is still No.1 of the Chinese small diesel engine industry; those have already composed a new song of reengineering of changchai and created a new brilliance of wonderful music.
    In the second 100 years, Changchai has made out a plan for the industrial park, and a commission of the company as to “Provide green energy for a better life” has been ensured. The strategy for promotion of Changchai is to base on agricultural machinery industry, strengthening power unit making, entering into auto industry. The operational policy is to stick to both single- and multi-cylinder machines, and to give consideration to cars and the enterprise to build Changchai a domestic first-class and internationally well-known modern engine manufacture. Changchai is to commence an adjustment of five major structures from a higher starting point.