Technology and equipment
Changchai has been the technical innovator in the single cylinder diesel industry in China. Not only does it possess the technology and equipment that are most modern in the country for manufacturing internal-combustion engines, but also it has the independent capacity of research and development in the industry. In recent years, the newly-developed L, R, H, and F series of single cylinder diesel engines win Changchai an edge over its rivals in terms of product performance, stability, environment-friendliness and quality. Through technical innovation, Changchai has applied for a number of national patents, making breakthroughs in upgrading the product structure. As one of the enterprises undertaking the national 863 project of single cylinder diesel industry, Changchai has been attaching great effort to the innovation of technology. Many models among its multi-cylinder diesel engines have met the National or Standards for Discharge. 52 models have obtained the EPATier4 certification of the USA; other 17 models have obtained the ECIIIA Emission Accreditation of the EU, winning permissions for export. Changchai has established business relations with Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Jinbei Auto, Foton and other auto enterprises.  

Since the 1990s, Changchai has implemented a large-scale technical innovation, aiming at mastery of the most advanced technology in manufacturing internal-combustion engines. It introduces in sets of equipment from America and Switzerland, including a complete set of foundry equipment and automatic air-impact moldings line, 15-ton medium-frequency induction furnace, cold-box core making machine. After the reorganization into a stock company, Changchai invests several hundred million in introducing from Germany and Taiwan in the flexible manufacturing line made up of some 40 machining centers. And a first-class corporate technical center is set up with an investment of 68 million yuan. In recent years, Changchai annually invests more than 100 million in technical innovation, introducing in modern production equipment from America, Japan and Germany, building an advanced production base with an annual producing capacity of 300,000 Euro diesel engines, a workshop for processing and trial production, and a molding and coring-making center.

In its course of development, Changchai always adopts international criteria for quality management. It sets up quality-assurance institutes, perfect the quality-assurance system, and strengthens quality control over its products. It spends several hundred million yuan in introducing from AVL Company, Austria in a complete set of equipment for diesel engine inspection, which is a milestone in its quality management. In recent years, Changchai adheres to the ISO/TS 16949 Auto Products Quality Management System in its implementation of quality management. A variety of measures are carried out internally that include regular quality inspection, annual quality examination, exemplary posts. Meanwhile, Changchai strengthens management on its suppliers to improve product quality and reduce cost. Through these measures, the quality of complete appliance and spares parts are improved and in the annual random inspections for quality, all models of diesel engines inspected are up to standard.