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   Overseas Marketing
  While attaching great importance to the domestic market, Changchai also explores overseas market, aiming at improving foreign trade and earning foreign exchange thought export. Its products have been exported to 78 countries and regions. Especially in recent three years, exports have increased by an average 36 per cent. Meanwhile, cooperation with Lister Petter, AGCO, GIMA and other well-established companies has developed very well and foreign trade volume has increased very fast. The major export products are diesel engines, diesel generating set, spare parts of diesel engines, molding and processing.  
   Domestic Marketing
  Changchai concerns itself with the market demand, constantly adjusting its marketing strategies to the ever-changing market. When it comes to sales management, Changchai aims at selling complete appliances with spare parts supplied and 3-guarantee after-sale services. Not only does it intend to withdraw investment though selling, but also it cares about feedback from customers. It has built a sales service network covering the whole nation, which includes 12 sales service divisions, 31 sales service centers, over 400 sales networks and over 600 service stations. It has the best-established and widest network coverage among its rivals, offering customers with effective and timely services.